Well-rounded innovation for the future of food.


We’re in the midst of a food revolution.

Deliveroo is opening kitchens. WeWork is launching bodegas. Beef is produced in a lab, and burgers are made out of plants.

Ideas that are disrupting and transforming how we produce, purchase, and consume food are emerging from unexpected players outside the food sector.

Leaders need a way to look at the in-between spaces for opportunities and to move quickly from ideas to action.


Robust is an innovation studio where food meets design.

We collaborate with food business leaders to rapidly prototype products and experiences that will create a more sustainable food system and healthier, happier customers.


Our partners have great taste.

We work with brands of all sizes who are shaping the next generation of food and hospitality customer experiences, from blockchain to bone broth. Our expertise ranges across food tech, business and service design, and product development. We’re passionate about emerging technology and love prototyping at the intersections of digital and physical experiences. And we’re pretty damn good in the kitchen, too.

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Accelerating Amsterdam’s brightest food biz entrepreneurs

Launching in October 2018, we’re proudly partnering with Amsterdam’s first culinary co-working space to develop a brand new accelerator program, Kitchen Republic Academy.

Over 12 weeks, we’ll facilitate a group of ten food startups–including farmers, makers, and caterers–taking their budding businesses to the next level with mentorship and insight from some of the Netherlands’ leading industry experts.

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Prototyping a new business model for a classic British brand

We collaborated with the brilliant team from one of Britain’s iconic coffee and tea brands to design and develop a new direct-to-consumer platform, which launched in April 2018.

Through design sprints and co-creative workshops with customers, we prototyped every aspect of the new experience, from developing bespoke letterbox packaging to designing unique tea blends and coffee roasts.


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