People who love to eat are always the best people.

- Julia Child


Robust is a design and innovation collaborative. With our established global network of talented partners, we’re able to organize purpose-built teams for every project.

We’re human-centered systems thinkers who are insanely passionate about food.
By bringing together diverse perspectives that cross disciplines, we’re able look at every touchpoint of a food experience holistically.

Many of us are cooks, makers and food business owners ourselves, and whenever and wherever we gather, you’re always in for a great meal.


Strategic Design

- Design Thinking
- Lean Product
- Business Design
- Design Operations


Product Design

- Brand + Identity
- Packaging
- Industrial + Environmental Design

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Emerging Tech

- Blockchain
- AI
- Automation


Behavior Science

- Organizational Psychology
- Habit Design
- Anthropology


Culinary Experts

- Chefs + Recipe developers
- Nutrition Science
- Culinary Artists


We Believe:


Innovation doesn’t happen in a workshop.

Great ideas and occasionally exciting inventions do, to be sure. True innovation is something else entirely, something that comes from a mindset that drives teams to not just think differently but also to act differently. It’s not a process, it’s a practice.


Feed forward, not back.

Continuous learning means continuous evaluation of our goals and needs. We believe in communicating with radical candor- challenging each other directly because we care about each other and our work personally. We look to actively close gaps in our skills and seek opportunities for stretching and growing them along the way.


Sometimes the doing is the thinking.

Even though we’re big thinkers and ponderers by nature, there’s no better way to get started than simply starting. Hands-on problem solving is our default mode for testing and learning. A recipe that tastes great in theory does not inspire confidence.


Better beats best.

Yes, we do believe that done is better than perfect. But we also believe that change is the only constant, which is why we open ourselves to being responsive to the feedback and learning we receive in the ever-present now. Iteration is our way of life.


Meet the Founder 


Heather Eddy is the founder of Robust.

Over the past 20 years working at scale for both Fortune 500 companies and startups, Heather has developed digital and physical products, launched new ventures, and grown multidisciplinary design teams around the world.


In 2014, Heather moved from NYC to Amsterdam to launch an artisan food market that showcased emerging brands from maker-founders. Through this endeavor, she joined up with the just-launched Kitchen Republic, Amsterdam’s first culinary co-working space, where she also kickstarted her own small-batch baking business.

Fast-forward through two years in London leading design and strategy for a well-known digital product studio (where she also catered a weekly team lunch), Heather returned to Amsterdam in January 2018 to establish Robust as a venture that merges design-led innovation with an immersive focus on food and hospitality experiences.

Heather is a design strategist and facilitator who has recently partnered again with Kitchen Republic team to develop a new learning platform for aspiring and emerging food entrepreneurs.

And because she somehow always finds herself back in the kitchen, she’s also launching a pop-up determined to bring great bagels to Amsterdam (unsurprisingly a dreadful bagel desert.)


What do you love to eat?
We’d love to know!